Infant & Toddler Child Care in Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Children under three years old participate in one of four different programs at our early learning center in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Countryside Children's Center is a premier child care facility that offers high quality early learning for children of all ages.

Infant Program

Children ages six weeks through one year are enrolled in our Infant program. Caregivers provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for infants to learn through active exploration and interaction with adults and other babies. The caregiver to child ratio is 1:4.
Baby In A Towel — Child Care Center in Portsmouth, RI
Baby In Owl Hat — Infant & Toddler Child Care in Portsmouth, RI

Yearling Program

The Yearling program is designed to meet the needs of one-year olds by providing excellent individualized care and appropriate activities and materials to promote motor, social, language and cognitive development. The caregiver to child ratio is 1:4.

Young Toddler & Toddler Programs

The diverse developmental needs of two-year olds are met in two separate programs: Young Toddler and Toddler. The children are involved in a variety of stimulating experiences to encourage socialization and independence. Their day is comprised of circle time, art projects, music and movement, and center time. The teacher to child ratio is 1:5 for Young Toddlers and 1:6 for Toddlers.
Two Baby Toddlers Playing— Children's Center in Portsmouth, RI
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